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The digital side of parenting

10 Apps to manage your household easier

Babies! Yes! I’m a dad now and it’s all about babies these days. This blogpost is about the digital side of the new household situation. There is a lot more planning involved when it comes to daily operations in the house, so I’m going to talk about the apps I use to manage, track, notify, listen to, view and store everything that has to do with my new baby girl. Now keep in mind that for the apps that I use, there are alternatives. I haven’t done a lot of testing because, to be honest,...

My secret social media weapon

How I do a lot of posts in very little time.

Since I have been getting a lot of questions about how much time I spend on Twitter, because I post stuff two to three times a day, I thought I’d give a little insight in my process. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t spend my entire day on Twitter (or any other social platform, for that matter.)
In the past I would find stuff that I thought was worth sharing, share it and move on for the day. The result was a semi daily barrage of tweets at a random time. So if you were getting coffee or...

Cut back on Facebook and don't miss a thing

Two months without the FB app on my iPhone.

This is not so much a new year's post as it is looking back on 2014. It's also not about being more productive. It's about getting rid of a habit and shaking it out of your system. We all know we spend too much time on Facebook, if we're perfectly honest. You can have fun there, but it's mostly procrastinating. Some people are deleting their profile altogether, after which there are some withdrawal symptoms. They mostly sound like: ”Why wasn’t I invited to that party?!” There are some uses...

Back to work in '99

Vintage job

Everyone has, at some point, pondered the thought:"What if I was back in school, but with the knowledge I have now.?" Or more along the lines: "If I knew then what I know now, it would be totally different." Well, I actually got a chance to indulge that "what if..." I got to work one more time at the Italian restaurant I worked at 14 year ago. Not just me, a whole slew of old co-workers of that era, were there too!

Now, to be clear, it was a one time deal. It was for a charity event and all...

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