23 Jan 2018 13:08

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I am co-founder of Inspirething and untamingly help ambitious people profile themselves better online. Feel free to visit Inspirething.com for more information on how we help clients create and grow valuable interactions with their customers.


The digital side of parenting

Babies! Yes! I’m a dad now and it’s all about babies these days. This blogpost is about the digital side of the new household situation. There is a lot more planning involved when it comes to daily operations in the house, so I’m going to talk about the apps I use to manage, track, notify, listen to, view and store everything that has to do with my new baby girl. Now keep in mind that for the apps that I use, there are alternatives. I haven’t done a lot of testing because, to be honest, these apps are working fine for me. I use Apple products (as does my girlfriend) so this post will be geared toward iOS based apps. Most of these apps will also be available on Android phones as well, like Evernote, Dropbox and Wunderlist. 


Ok, so as it turns out babies have only a few things…

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